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Gallery of Distractions

CatsWebCom designed websites are engaging, functional and distinctive. From your first online steps to a fully- fledged website, we can build you a professional and easily maintained or fully managed site that does exactly what you need it to do. We specialise in working with charities, community groups and public sector projects. We also love working with local businesses and artists, If we could help you you could help us.

“I am Frustration. I am Memory-Lost. Sometimes I read a line a dozen times before it

sticks. My creative force has slipped. I type slower, speak slower, think at a snail’s pace.

I’m Life shapeshifted by Post Traumatic Stress, bastardized by Fate.” … Chila Woychik

Welcome to my work of Distraction

This is my art, much like the work of the VC Gallery, who make use of paint and drawing, I design and build websites and immerse myself in

other computer tasks to fill my head and my time and to escape the negative….