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We here at the Project worked hard to be interactive with the day to day workings of Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire and its communities reporting the good news, views and events within Pembroke Dock and its catchment area, when ever possible. The project volunteers not only attended events and engaged with the communities, we also boasted links to local and national agencies who support us with breaking news, forthcoming events and information whenever they can. We endeavour to publish or directly link eliminating the need for editorial changes to donated input; we prefer to present information “as it comes”, for the people in and around Pembroke Dock. One of the many but possibly the main objective of the Project is to promote all the positive aspects of Pembroke Dock. In so doing we strove to increase the positive profile of Pembroke Dock and Pembrokeshire not just here in Wales, but also world wide
Pembroke Dock Civic and a little bit Council

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The Web project regrettably no longer

hosts the The Pembroke Dock Town

Council Web Site but we are keeping

parts of the  old site  as an archive, part

of the ongoing history of Pembroke Dock


Please note Web Project developed sites that are now in our archives may not contain Information that is  current
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Pembroke Dock Civic and a little bit Council