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Within the bounds of Annandale, The gentle Johnstone's ride; They have been there

a thousand years, A thousand more they'll bide

First memories start in Cringleford Norwich, then Hethersett , the police house is still there on the old A11. We then moved on to the wonderful peace of  Walsingham, Norfolk, a great place  well worth a visit, check out this great new and developing site www.walsingham-memories.co.uk We then moved to Old Catton Norwich, this move was so dad could help form the Norfolk Police Dog Section. The Police House was like a prison camp, old Karl was not to be toyed with. My past employment included a spell in the Royal Air Force Regiment and then Norfolk Police, including my introduction to computers via the Police National Computer Centre in Hendon, lots more could go in here, but. Then off I went to complete over20 yr in the hospitality business at all levels. My site at www.moonlightblue.co.uk is mostly the happy days prior to 1998.  Life now in Pembrokeshire is essentially "enforced" due to to being diagnosed with P.T.S.D and acute depression, panic attacks and attempted suicides over the last 20 years (first time I have admitted that to the world)  my time now revolves around my  new wife our cats and a little bit of  community work when I can and working with my computers to help others and the community …more soon

Don’t let the Bastards Grind you Down